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We use Eminence organic products.
Ask about our new organic SPF 32 sun protection and skin repair collection, or read about it on our Products page.

In addition to our spa, we offer onsite massage, at B&Bs and hotels.
We have a Spanish speaking therapist available by appointment.
En Body Therapy contamos con servicio de masajista que habla espanol, disponible con cita antisipada.

Aroma therapy oils can be added to any massage for $5

Express Massage 30 minutes, $40
No time for a full hour massage, try a 30 minute massage focused on the one area that needs special attention.

Swedish Massage 60 minutes, $75| 90 minutes, $100
Classic massage techniques, using long flowing strokes with oil. This is a deeply relaxing massage for stress reduction, pain relief, and improved circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes, $80 | 90 minutes, $110
A deep pressure massage using effleurage, friction, and percussion. Releases tight muscles and promotes stress reduction and relaxation.

Pre- & Post-Natal Massage 30 minutes, $40 | 60 minutes, $75
A gentle soothing massage to nurture new mothers and mothers to be. Massage has been used since ancient times to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage 60 minutes, $85
Lomi lomi means loving touch and uses deep kneading and long flowing strokes.

Breema/Shiatsu 60 minutes, $75
This massage is given on a mat on the floor while wearing loose comfortable clothing. Acupressure is used along meridian pressure points. Stretching, leaning, and brushing strokes are used.

Thai Yoga Massage 90 minutes, $100
Therapeutic, designed to relieve muscle and joint stress, stimulate acupressure meridians, and deeply stretch the whole body. A loosely clothed massage given on a padded floor mat.

Massage and Lymphatic Treatment $110
One hour massage plus lymphatic face and neck treatment.

Travelers Rejuvenation Treatment 60 minutes, $80
3o minutes neck, shoulder, and back massage and 30 minutes reflexology.

Reflexology 30 minutes, $40
Reflexology is an ancient practice that employs the use of pressure points on the feet that correspond with different parts of the body. You experience a whole body treatment through your feet.

Reiki 30 minutes, $40 | 60 minutes, $65
Reiki is a gentle technique for stress reduction and relaxation based on ancient Tibetan healing techniques. Reiki uses the method of natural hands-on healing and is based on the application of universal life force energy.


La Stone Therapy
90 minutes, $125
120 minutes, $180

La Stone Reflexology Treatment
40 minutes, $80

The original hot and cold stone geothermal therapy.
Feel cradled by the earth and return to your true nature.

  stones 'tween toes

Lymphatic Massage (M.L.D), Dr. Vodder method
A healthy lymphatic system is very important to help the body function efficiently. MLD helps guard against infection by boosting the immune system. It also helps the body detoxify more easily and it balances all fluid systems in the body. MLD reduces lymphedema, and helps acne and rosacia conditions improve. MLD alleviates insomnia, reduces pre- and post-operative scar tissue and facilitates faster healing. Skin tone is healthier andlooks more vibrant after treatments.

Face and neck treatment 50 minutes, $70
series of 10 $630

Full Body 80 minutes, $100
series of 10 $900

Pre and post surgery 60 minutes, $70
series of 10 $630


Aroma Therapy Oils
Add aroma therapy oils to any massage for an additional $5.

Gift Certificates
Any treatment, or combination of treatments, can be ordered as a gift certificate. We also offer gift certificates in any value desired. Call the spa today to order a Gift Certificate: 707.525.1887




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